Monday, March 21, 2011

Chubby Bunny is a Busy Bee

Let me guess, you are thinking: "Make up your mind, what kind of animal are you, anyway????" Ugggh, I don't know....I'm some sort of creepy hybrid animal mix of chubby bunny, busy bee, rabid moose, sloth, and raptor. That sounds about right....I'm a bunbee rabid sloptor. Ha.

The reason I haven't written lately is because I'm feeling completely overwhelmed with life. I think if I were to give up, this would be about the time I would do it. Between working a full-time job, and several other part-time jobs (she works hard for the money...sooooo hard for it honey) seeing friends and family, sleeping, and trying to be a functioning 50% of a healthy relationship....Shit. I am out of time! And since I didn't choose the name "chubby bunny" by accident, of course what gives when I run out of time is my exercise routine. Not my social obligations.....which is the first place I went wrong. Note to self for future reference: Saying "Yes" to parties with wine and delicious buttery salty food = bad bunny. Say "Nooooo." Rhymes with "Woah." Let's use it in a sentence: "Woah, my pants are feeling tighter." "No" I haven't been to the gym much lately. Pass the cheese, please. You were saying?

I started out so strong, making time to workout and sticking closely to my Triathlon schedule even when that was the last thing I wanted to do. Then a 2-time amazing triathlete friend told me that I was working out more than I needed to (Are you sure? Have you seen my ass lately? Will you write down that this was your idea?) so I cut back siginifcantly and tried to just do long workouts on weekends. Then I got busy, and then it was back to the old me, who works out about twice a week in a hodge-podge fashion, and eats peanut M&M's on a much too regular basis.

Just Say No.....

When exactly did this self-doubt and feeling of being overwhelmed creep in? It may have started when Reza told me I looked "uncomfortable" when I ran on the treadmill. (I thought I was looking stronger. But he was not being mean, he's right-- it hurts and I look awkward.) Or it may have been when another friend gave me unsolicited (and frankly, un-appreciated) advice about my workout habits: "Just know, you don't HAVE to run. You could walk it. I just want to make sure you don't quit." (Bee-yotch, I never said anything about quitting.)

Whatever the case....I was feeling pretty down for the last three weeks. I felt like I wasn't making progress with my running after all, which is a sad way to feel when you have been trying really hard. I wish it was my full-time job to just workout. (I also wish I looked like Kim Kardashian, but that is neither here nor there.) Unfortunately, I have a billion other things to do than just workout, and I am one of those people who pushes exercise to the very lowest priority when under pressure. Here's a photo of me from last week, thinking about how much I have slacked lately:

But...whining about it won't get me anywhere good. So, I'll stop now. I still have 7 weeks to concentrate on working out and writing this blog. I don't want to let myself or you, dear readers, down. I re-committed myself to my workouts last week, and I am aiming for a realistic amount of exercise with an emphasis on running, and we'll see how it goes. I am still using's recommended training schedules, and decided since swimming IS my strongest point to do that as much as I can. Last week that amounted to 3 days of swimming, with 2 long brisk walks for added measure. This week I will be concentrating on running, with swimming as much as possible because that makes me the happiest. And frankly, exercise should be about making you feel happy and strong.

Have a wonderful, positive day. Please enjoy my newest favorite happy song that makes me want to shake my ass:

Love Chubby Bunny


  1. I heart you! i think you are hilarious and very inspiring!!

  2. But you won't quit, so no need for your friend to be worried :)

    Peanut M&M's are good for you, BTW. I read it on the inter-webs somewhere, I am sure of it. And I had some today, so don't feel too bad about it.

  3. Peanut Butter M&M's are, at the very least, much better for you than regular.

    Yay! I was wondering what you were up to.